Meet the Monks

Abbot Cletus Meagher, O.S.B.
Ninth Abbot of
St. Bernard Abbey

Professed: 4 July 1965
Ordained: 24 May 1971
Elected Abbot: 8 May 1995
Abbot Victor Clark, O.S.B.
Eighth Abbot of
St. Bernard Abbey; Retired

Professed: 18 June 1949
Ordained: 5 June 1954
Elected Abbot: 22 May 1987
Retired: 1995
Br. Leo Borelli, O.S.B.
Prior and Novice Master;
Abbey Master of Ceremonies

Professed: 21 March 1986
Fr. Linus Klucsarits, O.S.B.
Headmaster of
St. Bernard Preparatory School

Professed: 8 January 2012
Br. Jude Johnson, O.S.B.

Professed: 15 August 1954
Fr. Marcus Voss, O.S.B.
Director of Development and
Alumni Affairs; Junior Master;
Co-Chaplain of
Sacred Heart Monastery

Professed: 5 July 1964
Ordained: 24 May 1971
Fr. Kevin McGrath, O.S.B.
In House Pastoral Ministry

Professed: 7 July 1968
Ordained: 27 May 1974
Br. Charles Manning, O.S.B.
Abbey Purchaser

Professed: 11 July 1971
Fr. John O’Donnell, O.S.B.
Pastor of St. Michael Church,
St. Florian, Alabama

Professed: 21 March 1982
Ordained: 24 October 1998
Fr. Joel Martin, O.S.B.
President of
St. Bernard Preparatory School; Abbey Choirmaster;
Vocation Director

Professed: 21 March 1986
Ordained: 27 May 1991
Fr. Francis Reque, O.S.B.
Pastoral Assistant to the
Diocese of Birmingham

Professed: 21 March 1995
Ordained: 10 June 2000
Br. Peter Lee, O.S.B.
Abbey Tailor
and Barber;

Professed: 21 March 2001
Fr. Bede Marcy, O.S.B.
Dining Hall Executive Chef;
Chaplain of
St. Bernard Preparatory School

Professed: 21 March 2002
Ordained: 2 May 2009
Fr. Patrick Egan, O.S.B.
Pastor of
Sacred Heart Church

Professed: 21 March 2003
Ordained: 2 June 2008
Br. Brendan Seipel, O.S.B.
Abbey Procurator;
Guest Master;
Abbey Farm Manager

Professed: 21 March 2004
Br. Michael Gregersen, O.S.B.

Professed: 21 March 2006
Br. Benedict Dyar, O.S.B.
Abbey Baker

Professed: 15 August 2008
Fr. Bernard Denson, O.S.B.
Graduate Studies

Professed: 15 August 2010
Br. Thomas Jones, O.S.B.
Librarian, St. Bernard
Preparatory School

Professed: 15 August 2011
Br. Marion Sanchez, O.S.B.
Assistant Guest Master; Director of Boniface Retreat and Conference Center; Director of Ave Maria Grotto

Professed: 15 August 2013
Br. Irenaeus Ceballos, O.S.B.
Theological Studies

Professed: 12 February 2014
Br. Christopher McBride, O.S.B.
Assistant in
Ave Maria Grotto Shop

Professed: 16 August 2014
Br. Dominic Lee, O.S.B.

Professed: 15 August 2015
Br. Pachomius Alvarado, O.S.B.
Abbey Archivist and Barber

Professed: 15 August 2015
Br. Paschal Pautler, O.S.B.
Secretarial Assistant to the Abbot;

Professed: 15 August 2015
Br. Romanus Davitt, O.S.B.
Academic Studies; Abbey Carpenter

Professed: 15 August 2017
Br. Simeon Gagnon, O.S.B.
Assistant in Ave Maria Grotto Gift Shop

Professed: 21 March 2019
Br. Paul Adams, O.S.B.
Assistant in Abbey Kitchen and Assistant Sacristan

Professed: 21 March 2019
Br. Cassian Konieczny, O.S.B.
Theology Instructor at St. Bernard Prep

Professed: 21 March 2019